//Void – Potent Appetite Enhancer

Void – Potent Appetite Enhancer


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Have you been struggling to get your meals in?

Void was developed to assist those of you who have a hard time eating the food required to get the muscle gains you want. Void has been created using extremely pure unique alkamides which assist Ghrelin secretion. Ghrelin is one of the major hormones in the body that controls your hunger levels. These alkamides bind to the cb2 receptors in the body yielding similar effects to the “munchies”.


Take 2-3 capsules per day 20-30 minutes before meals.
Use as directed and do not exceed recommended dose. Tolerance may vary among individuals. It is recommended to start with half the recommended dose to asses tolerance.

Ingredients – Per 555mg Capsule (2-3 capsules recommended per serving):                                                    
41.7mg – Vigna Sinensis Powder                                        
4.2mg – Astragalus Memberanaceus Extract                  
140mg – Tumeric                                                                
6.7mg – Ginger Root Exract                                              
13.3mg – Peppermint Leaft Powder                                  
13.3mg – Apple Cider Vinegar (With Mother)                  
33.3mg – Betaine HCL                                                        
66.7mg – Ghrelin Activator Comple                              
15mg- Amylase                                                          
5.3mg – Protease                                                            
22mg – Lipase                                                                  
16.7mg- Glutathione                                                        
16.7mg – L-Methionine                                                      
0.7mg – Selenium (Selenomethionine)                          
26.7mg – Caffeine                                                      
16.7mg – Magnesium Sterate (Binder)                            

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Do not exceed recommended dose.
This product is intended for adults only.
Do not use if pregnant or have any serious illness.
Reduce or discontinue if feeling unwell after consumption and seek medical advice.

1 review for Void – Potent Appetite Enhancer

  1. Jake

    Serious Stuff!

    Always been one to struggle with the appetite side of things. When trying to gain body weight i found myself full very quickly. I’ve actually tried other products prior to void with little noticeable changes to be honest. Got this recommended to me and thought why not. I take 3 a day (before big meals) and i find myself actually getting peckish again before the 2 hour post meal mark!!! Which is perfect for me.

    I would highly recommend void as a go to if you struggle with appetite like me.

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