Shuttle – Revolutionary glucose disposal agent (GDA) carbohydrate optimiser

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In stock

Shuttle is a revolutionary glucose disposal agent formula that promotes lean muscle gain and fat loss through optimization of the body’s insulin sensitivity. Shuttle GDA’s selected natural extracts aid in breaking down and shunting carbohydrates into the muscle for longer, harder, fuller workouts. Our unique anti-inflammatory composite also combats chronic inflammation-induced insulin resistance and fat gain. Whether you are aiming to maximize muscle retention whilst dieting or trying to maximize muscle growth, Shuttle GDA is a must in your arsenal!





Take 3x capsules per serving ideally 60 mins before exercise and/or with high carbohydrate meals.

4 reviews for Shuttle - Revolutionary glucose disposal agent (GDA) carbohydrate optimiser

  1. Jon Scriven

    These have been a game change, noticeably getting a better pump in the gym. Putting my carbs to good use and gives me more leeway on the diet. Don’t feel to bad on cheat meals!

  2. Connor Braim (verified owner)

    The product is a must for everybody!

  3. James

    So glad I found this on my prep – 3 caps before every carb meal which reduced bloating and kept me nice and full to make sure the carbs were going where I wanted them! 3 caps with my pre meal and I experienced a crazy pump – without a pre too! Really good panel for the price and works so well

  4. Colin (verified owner)

    You definitely feel it working right away especially if you are carb depleted and take 3 just before you carb up. I personally use shuttle with all of my big cab meals throughout the day and have definitely found it helps keep my insulin sensitivity up and I am always more vascular

    Shuttle - Revolutionary glucose disposal agent (GDA) carbohydrate optimiser
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