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PX1 Extreme Pre Workout


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Sick of pre-workouts that send you on a crazy tingly high only to feel sick and come crashing down an hour or two later? We listened to 1000’s of gym-goers feedback on exactly what they wanted from a pre-workout and from that, PX1 was born.

PX1 has been formulated with an expensive ingredient panel designed to give huge amounts of blood flow and pump – Well the pump is crazily good.
We have also used the correct amount of stimulants to give you the energy you need to have productive sessions and maintain vital focus.

Ingredients – Per Scoop:

Flavour: Lemon Berry
100mg L-Norvaline
6g Citrulline malate
3g Beta Alanine
2g Betaine Hcl
3g Glycerol Monosterate
2g Taurine
3g Creatine Mono
250mg Caffeine

Also contains: Sucrolose, Silicone Dioxide, Flavouring Powder, Citric Acid, Malic Acid.

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1 Heaped scoop (21g) with 8-10 fl. Oz. of water 20-30 minutes before activity.

USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSE. Tolerance may vary amongst individuals. It is advised to first test tolerance with half the recommended dose. Ensure plenty of water is consumed during activity to ensure hydration.


DO NOT exceed the recommended dose.
This product is intended for adults only.
NOT to be used by individuals under 18.
NOT recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
DO NOT use this product if you suffer from high blood pressure.

HIGH CAFFINE CONTENT. DO NO use this product in conjunction with any other products containing caffeine or other stimulants. Consult a physician or healthcare professional before using this product if you have any allergies, medical condition or are taking any medication. Product may cause skin flushes in sensitive individuals. Harmless tingling or itching may occur which is attributed to Beta Alanine. Reduce or discontinue use if you feel unwell after consumption and seek medical advice.

18 reviews for PX1 Extreme Pre Workout

  1. Kuba cielen

    Great pre workout full transparency in terms of ingriditents, crazy focus & pump with no crash. Everything you need and want out of a quality pre. Highly reccomend on & offseason

  2. James Hallworth

    I’ve took many pre workouts, some good, some bad. But I must say this is one really good pre workout! Gave me a really good buzz and felt like I had tunnel vision for my whole session. Energy levels was great and felt strong. Used in my leg day which consisted of exercises lasting almost 2 hours and it kept me going for the full 2 hours. I had zero crash after which is always a bonus.

  3. John Moore

    Great product! Pumps was insane! Didn’t crash. Just a smooth boost throughout my workout.. was shocked on how nice it tasted for a preworkout that are normally rank… My wife also loves the pump she gets on her bum from it it’s crazy 🙂

  4. Ayub ace

    I’ve used many pre workouts in my time but this one hands down is probably the best one I’ve used for combination of emery pump and focus !

  5. Sam (verified owner)


    Taste 10/10 – great taste
    Pump 9/10 – was great pump and fullness
    Energy & focus 9/10. It was more of a focus than energy but it felt clean with no shakes!

    Overall great product. A pre workout that I feel ticks all boxes and I would purchase again. Especially with no crash I’m very impressed!!!

    Thanks again!

  6. Christopher D

    Who knew a pre work out could taste so nice!! Serious insane pump and did exactly what it said, very clean with no shakes!
    Big thumbs up!!

  7. Stephen (verified owner)

    Myself and my partner have now used this pre workout across a spinning session, insanity workout and muscle work out all of which this has got us through! Great energy and focus and for me what’s most important no ‘come down’ afterwards. Already gone through half a tub so my next order will be put in soon – highly recommend this

  8. Carlos Philbrick

    I love a pre workout and after trying this I must say it’s a nice product it gave me a nice little kick of energy but what I loved most about this pre workout product was how focused it made me feel, you can tell overdrive nutrition have thought about the ingredients, focused, pumped, no crash – definitely recommend

  9. wayne_stanley (verified owner)

    Tried a lot of pre-workouts over the years…. I don’t get on with a lot of them,big high then a crash after the session or sometimes during which isn’t ideal….
    NO crash with this just crazy focus and intensity…pump was intense and veins popping everywhere…can’t wair for the gym tomorrow to try on leg day!
    Already ordered a 2nd tub and can’t wair to see what these guys bring to the market next! 10/10 for me 👌

  10. Ben Shephard

    Taste: 8/10.
    The taste is exactly what it says on the label, however my personal preference is something sour for a pre-workout. Flavour is always a topic for debate and individually recognised.

    Mix-ability: 7/10
    I mixed with half the water what is recommended and there were still some ‘grit’ as any other pre-workout, so I can’t really complain as I didn’t follow the instructions, so a solid score for the mix-ability.

    Performance: 9/10
    The performance of my session was elevated, not to a point I felt like I wanted to lift a truck and punch an old lady in the face, but my focus and energy was definitely recognisable.

    Aftermath: 10/10
    No comedown whatsoever. This was a relief!

    A solid product. Well done.

  11. Ste

    Great product highly recommend, I work shifts and tend to train fasted on wake most of the time so I need a good pre-workout to get me through those tough sessions, and this does exactly that with no crash, just a nice clean energy and focus feeling with great pumps, can’t rate it enough

  12. Carter Cashman

    Best Preworkout hands down. Definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a good pump and to stay focused worth every penny 💪🏻

  13. Tom.

    Great product.

    8/10 for taste, good clean taste but not very strong.

    10/10 for pump, lats were so pumped they got in the way when it came to arms.

    8/10 for focus. Good clear focus with no jitters or elevated heart rate.

    One of the better pre workouts I’ve used over the years.

  14. Ben herbert

    Px1 extreme – perfect final word in the name as It supplies a extreme pump!

    Focus that it delivers 10/10
    Taste 10/10
    Pump – very very good

    Unlike any other pre workout if taken it doesn’t give you any rashes, wild come downs during or after your workouts

    Can’t recommend this pre workout enough!

    Top class

  15. Hugh (verified owner)

    Highly recommended pre-workout which leaves the ‘market leaders’ behind. Great all round for focus, energy and pump with no jitters, comedowns or negative effect on appetite. It also tastes like Haribo tangfastics – bonus! A strong overall 9/10

  16. Rab

    Tatste great, amazing pumps and gets a good sweat up like no other. Noticed strength increase

  17. Rich

    Amazing! No jitters, no feeling like your heart will burst out of your chest and no crash.

    Tastes great, gives great focus and energy.

    Will be recommending this. 10/10

  18. Jack Pedel (verified owner)

    One of the best pre workouts I’ve used, great pump, great focus, not to stim heavy so no horrible crash but enough caffine to give you the kick up the ass you need. Can not recommend enough, buy it now! What are you waiting for???

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