• PX1 Extreme Pre Workout

      PX1 - LEMON BERRY is an exciting product designed with bodybuilders and athletes in mind. Formulated around IFBB professional bodybuilder, ingredients and dosages are optimal, and are supported by several scientific studies to maximise the benefits and provide the best results. The product is created to deliver insane pumps and incredible focus with zero crash. PX1 also provides increased strength, energy and endurance fuelling your workout from start to finish. Ingredients - Per Scoop: 100mg L-Norvaline 6g Citrulline malate 3g Beta Alanine 2g Betaine Hcl 3g Glycerol Monosterate 2g Taurine 3g Creatine Mono 250mg Caffeine Also contains: Sucrolose, Silicone Dioxide, Flavouring Powder, Citric Acid, Malic Acid.
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  •   Are you looking to enhance recovery & maximise muscle growth? AX1 one is a custom blend of both potent amino acids (bcaa’s) and essential amino acids (eaa’s). When blending both BCAAs & EAA’s a more complete amino acid profile is achieved and therefore becomes a very effective tool for people trying to get the most out of their training. Amino acids have a notoriously bitter flavour and as a result, getting a nice tasting amino acid blend is rare. We invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the flavours used taste amazing but do not make you feel sick when training. AX1 is a great supplement to use throughout the day as it may assist you with recovery in periods of rest.

    Ingredients Per Serving (8.33g):    BCAA - 6000mg L-LYSINE - 300mg L-THREONINE - 250mg L-PHENYLALANINE - 250mg L-TRYPTOPHAN - 50mg L-HISTIDINE - 50mg L-METHIONINE - 50mg

    Also contains: flavouring, solicon dioxide, sucralose, citric acid, malic acid
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