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I was born 3 months premature weighing in at only 2lbs 2, so I guess I was determined to try and make up for it in later life. I found weightlifting a great escape throughout my teenage years and I was always so fascianted with bodybuilding.

I was Joe average at school build wise and enjoyed taking part in martial arts and rugby. After running down the wing a few too many times getting leveled by the bigger boys, I was determined to put on some timber. I started off in my bedroom with one dumbbell, moving on to friends garages/sheds then into bodybuilding gyms when I felt confident enough. I trained for many years just for fun, often then heading home to watch an action movie and eat KFC.

It wasn’t until 2013 when I decided to enter my first contest as a personal challenge and I never looked back. I’ve competed every year since then managing to put on over 20kg of muscle tissue. I have a long way to go to reach my personal goals but I thrive on challenging myself and I’m not afraid of hard work. I’ve worked in the fitness industry as a trainer / coach for over 12 years now, working with a diverse range of clients from total beginners to British Champions.

I’ve competed at four British Championships in the past five years, most recent being October 2018 where I placed 5th in PCA Class 2 Open bodybuilding. My goal is to win the British title in the next two years and turn pro.

I’m so grateful to be part of the team at Overdrive Nutrition and I’m really excited to hopefully inspire, motivate and support as many of you guys as possible.


From the age of 2 I have been fascinated with Bodybuilding, with my father being an amateur bodybuilder and my hero, it wasn’t long before i started nagging to get into the gym.

At the age of 9 I moved to Spain with my Parents where I lived most of my life,
at 15 on the 13 April 2010 (my birthday) i got my first gym membership and from that day the fire was lit and i was obsessed with gaining muscle.
Age 16 i left school to build a gym with my dad, after 1 year of building we opened to the public and ran the gym for 3 years…
During this time i dedicated most of my time to learning as much as i could about training and nutrition, allowing me to take my own training and nutrition a-lot more seriously by applying EVERYTHING i learned to find out what works.
Age 20 i moved back to Wales, after a few months I was fortunate enough to meet my current coach and mentor Mr James Llewellin and we got straight into prep.

September 2016 I competed in my first show the UKBFF Welsh where i took 1st place in the juniors with an invite to the British where i placed top 6.
This motivated me to push even harder and really dedicate myself to progressing my physique.

October 2017 My second competitive season I competed in 2 shows the PCA Jp Classic where I placed 2nd in juniors & the PCA Midlands where i placed 3rd in classic.
After taking the leap from juniors to classic and managing a top 3 position, i knew that’s where i wanted to be.

This year i had one goal and that was to become British Classic champion, and after a very successful season i can happily say i achieved my goal along with a few other accolades.

2018 Season
– Bodypower welsh Junior 1st, Classic 1st & Overall
– PCA British 1st Place Classic
– PCA World Championships 3rd Place
– Nabba UK (Class 3 Debut) 1st Place

2019 the plan is to improve, grow & move out of the Classic Class into the Mr’s.
My Ultimate goal is to make it into the IFBB Pro League in the 212 class and reach the Olympia stage,
there is a-lot of work to be done, but with the Overdrive team and my coach all in my corner, nothing is impossible.

Don’t forget to follow my journey on the forums along with the rest of the team.


29 year old from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Bodybuilding for over 6 years and competed 7 times.

Ukbff Scottish Jnr 2nd (British Invite)
Nabba Scottish Novice 2nd (British Invite)
Ukbff Scottish Inters U100kg 2nd (British Invite)
Ukbff British Finals Inters U100kg 7th
Ukbff Leeds Mr Class 1st (British Invite)
Nabba England 4th
Nabba Uk 3rd (British Invite)